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Dillon, CO – Citizenship Workshop
The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and Elevation Immigration Law will offer a citizenship workshop for legal permanent residents to earn citizenship. 1) Aid completing application 2) An immigration attorney will review your application 3) How to file your application 4) Free study materials Sign up today!
MTOB (More Than One Box) – FULL DAY EVENT
MTOB (More Than One Box) is a new Mixed Gathering founded in Denver, CO by Rebekah Henderson and Kimberly Ming with a desire to connect mixed race/ethnic families, friends, and supporters of an inclusive world. This day is intentionally celebratory for people who identify as mixedrace, multicultural, multiethnic AND inviting to their families and friends. (We welcome all arrays of skin tones)
Global Fest 2018
Join us for Global Fest, Aurora's annual international celebration of food, art and entertainment. Enjoy flavors, music and performances from around the world, including an international fashion show.
2018 Donor Survey Snapshot
To learn more about the generous individuals that help sustain CIRC’s work & to identify areas for growth, we asked 669 of our 2017 donors to complete a survey. Here are a few highlights from what we learned:    …
Impact of Deportation on Mental Health, Education Outcomes, and Economic Opportunity for Colorado Kids
Executive Summary Aggressive detention and deportation enforcement of parents results in severe emotional, physical, and mental strain on family members, in particular on the children in those families. Today’s immigration policies are tearing apart families and communities. They deny immigrants…
Pursuing the American Dream
Expert Advice & Resources for Undocumented College Students Many undocumented students don’t think about going to college because of legal or financial concerns or simply because of lack of information. It is true that undocumented students face a number of…