Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Announces New Co-Executive Directors, Gladis Ibarra and Henry Sandman

August 15, 2023
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Denver, CO – The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Gladis Ibarra and Henry Sandman as the new Co-Executive Directors of the organization. This dynamic leadership duo has served as interim leaders for the past year following the transition of the previous Executive Director. The decision was officially ratified by the organization’s Board of Directors, recognizing their exceptional dedication and vision for advancing the immigrant rights movement.

Gladis Ibarra has been with the organization since 2018 and originally brought her life experience to the organization as an immigrant from Mexico. At CIRC she had the opportunity to gain experience in community organizing, managing campaigns and documenting ICE abuses. Henry Sandman has worked as a Campaign Manager, Political Operations Manager, and Managing Director at our sister organization, CIRC Action Fund over the past four years. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to empowering directly impacted immigrants. They will uphold the organization’s core value of being member-led and amplifying the voices of those affected by immigration policies.

In a testament to its resilience, CIRC today stands on solid ground—both financially and operationally. Just a year ago, the organization faced unprecedented challenges, leading to difficult decisions, including staff layoffs. However, under the interim leadership of Gladis Ibarra and Henry Sandman, the organization has executed a remarkable turnaround, emerging from uncertainty to a position of stability and strength.

“We are excited to embark on this new chapter of leadership within CIRC. Our co-executive model represents a commitment to unity, inclusivity, and resilience in the face of ongoing challenges to immigrant rights,” said Gladis Ibarra.

Henry Sandman added, “Together, we will continue to foster a positive staff culture and collaborate closely with our union to strengthen our team. Our aim is to ensure that CIRC remains a powerful force in the fight for immigrant rights.”

The Co-ED model, new for the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, reflects an intentional and strategic step forward for the sustainability and well-being of both the team and the broader movement.”At a time when the immigrant rights movement faces relentless challenges, our organization stands strong and resolute. The critical work we undertake remains as vital today as ever before,” affirmed Gladis Ibarra.

Reflecting on the journey of the past year, Henry Sandman noted, “We have undergone a remarkable transformation from where we stood just twelve months ago. Our steadfast commitment to our mission and values has propelled us forward, and we look forward to the progress that lies ahead. We are immensely grateful to our funders, partners, staff, and members, whose support has been critical throughout this transition period.”

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition remains unwavering in its mission to advocate for immigrants’ rights in Colorado and beyond. Last year CIRC celebrated its 20th anniversary, prompting reflection on the journey, successes, and challenges. The appointment of Gladis Ibarra and Henry Sandman as Co-Executive Directors signifies a pivotal moment—ushering in a new era of leadership. Their visionary approach embraces the legacy of our past while responding to the urgency of current challenges. As we move towards this dynamic future, their leadership inspires a new generation of advocates, a resilient future for the immigrant rights movement.