Our Hearts are Heavy: A Call for Ceasefire in Palestine

November 1, 2023
Press Release
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The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) stands, with heavy hearts, mourning the Israeli and Palestinian lives lost. We condemn the loss of life and attacks on Israeli and Palestinian civilians; there is never justification for the indiscriminate killing of civilians or the holding of civilian hostages. We also recognize that the attacks perpetrated by Hamas do not justify Israel’s response killing innocent Palestinians and the settler colonialist policies that have afflicted the Palestinian population for decades. We stand in unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people as they face ongoing attacks in their homeland and call for an immediate ceasefire to stop the needless loss of human life. 

Why is CIRC making a statement now? In light of the recent escalation and Israel’s ground invasion, we feel compelled to speak out to address the worsening situation and heightened attacks on civilians in Palestine. As an organization committed to promoting human rights, CIRC believes it’s important to stand in solidarity with oppressed peoples everywhere. While we are not an organization that works directly on this issue, we are an organization that supports people who have been displaced by U.S. intervention, economic crises, and political violence. To fulfill our mission, it is important that we continue to address root conditions in the immigrant rights movements and across other movements for liberation. We firmly believe that the right to self-determination, to move freely, to stay in and return to ancestral homelands, and to enjoy peace and safety should be extended to all, regardless of their cultural, religious, ethnic, or national identity.

Mainstream media narratives often unfairly portray all Palestinians as dangerous, perpetuating harmful racialized narratives that seek to justify violence against them. We must remember that the conflict is not a matter of Jews versus Muslims versus Christians, but rather of occupiers versus occupied people. This distorted narrative has led to the tragic justification of civilian deaths. Much of the media’s focus has centered on the Hamas attacks, downplaying the loss of Palestinian lives. We urge our supporters to explore alternative sources of information beyond mainstream media, particularly those directly impacted by this ongoing conflict. We denounce the misrepresentation of both Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims, that has led to increased Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim sentiment  globally.  

“As a Muslim, my faith is deeply rooted in the preservation of life. That preservation of life extends to people of all nationalities and faith traditions. As a Palestinian American, I am deeply horrified by the indiscriminate bombing that has robbed Palestinians in Gaza of any safe haven and future, the militarization of settlers in the West Bank, and the closing of borders to humanitarian aid – all of which have led to the collective punishment of Palestinians and further threatened the safe return of Israeli hostages. The international community, human rights organizations, and the people have spoken in mass calling for a ceasefire in the name of preserving life. I urge the United States to do the same,” shared Nadeen Ibrahim, board member of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Action Fund. 

“As someone who is Jewish with family ties to Israel, my heart was broken on October 7th and I continue to grieve the Israeli lives taken that day. However, seeing Israel’s response and the untold lives lost in Palestine has broken my heart further. Growing up Jewish, I learned about the Holocaust and was taught that ‘never again’ meant never again not only for the Holocaust but to all oppression and genocide for all people. One of the main reasons I ended up in the immigrant rights movement at CIRC is to carry out that mission and fight for the human rights and dignity of all people. To see the continued and worsening oppression and occupation of Palestinians carried out by Israel over the course of my life has been one of the greatest tragedies I’ve witnessed. The innocent Palestinian lives taken will not bring back a single life taken by Hamas,” shared Henry Sandman, Co-Executive Director of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. 

We encourage our members and partners to stand in unity with organizations and individuals working for justice, equity, and peace in Palestine, such as the Colorado Palestine Coalition, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the If Not Now Movement

This is a time to emphasize our interconnectedness, recognizing that the struggle for immigrant rights and the struggle for liberation of all people are intertwined. Our liberation is bound with each other’s, and we commit to advocating for a world where all individuals, regardless of their background are safe and free.

We call on our U.S. and world leaders to push for a ceasefire and stop providing unconditional aid to Israel and their military forces. We call on our world leaders to advocate for diplomacy instead of violence without end against the Palestinian people, a return to the status quo is unacceptable.