CIRC Management & Staff Celebrate Finalized Union Contract

November 12, 2021
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Last year, CIRC Management recognized the formation of a staff union. The union, Colorado Immigrant Rights Workers United, joins the Denver Newspaper Guild. This November, the contract was officially ratified by all parties, after many months of negotiations. 

“I feel incredibly proud and honored to be a part of a team who has accomplished so much. By unionizing, CIRC now is not just a leader in the immigrant rights movement, but a leader in the entire nonprofit sector with what is possible when non-profit workers unite. Organizations should reflect the values they advocate for on an internal level and CIRC is doing just that with a union,” said Andy Cota, Development Coordinator and union member. 

“This is a historic moment. I am excited, along with our entire management team and CIRC and CIRC Action Fund Board of Directors, to support our new staff union,” said CIRC’s Executive Director Lisa Duran. “Our talented and committed staff are our greatest strength, and it is a joy to strengthen our organization and improve working conditions so we can work even better to bring sorely needed change to immigrant communities across Colorado.”

CIRC’s Union’s contract includes pay increases across the organization, improved health benefits, a 36-hour workweek, generous vacation time, parental leave, sick leave, in addition to 5 personal days every year, as well as an 8-week paid sabbatical leave available to employees after 4 years of employment. Additionally, the contract includes the creation of a Racial Justice Committee (RJC) that will include staff representation from all levels. The RJC will provide accountability of management and staff and will seek to dismantle racism and other forms of oppression internally and externally in our operations, programming, and organizational culture.