Vote 2018

September 28, 2018
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America’s strength comes from our ability to work together–to come together and unify a beautiful landscape of people from different places, beliefs, and races into one nation. For Colorado to be a place of freedom for all, we need leaders who boldly and unapologetically stand for ALL in our Colorado community, ALL of our families, and ALL of our people.


The aspiration of America is that we are ALL created equal and that each of us deserves respect and an opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

Families should be kept together, free and thriving—that’s what family values truly looks like.


The current pain and suffering of immigrant families is being perpetrated by extremists who wish to divide us. Certain politicians and their greedy lobbyists hurt everyone by handing kickbacks to the rich, defunding our schools, undermining recent gains in access to healthcare, demeaning women, and threatening seniors with cuts to Medicare and Social Security.


These same politicians then point the finger at immigrants as the problem—even going to the extreme of tearing families apart and abusing children. We say NO MORE!


We need to join together with people across racial, religious, economic, and gender identity differences to demand fair and safe immigration processes for all families. By joining together, we can make Colorado a place that honors all families, no exceptions. We won civil rights in our past by standing for all people; it’s time to stand again for liberty and justice for ALL in our communities!

Our families, friends, and allies aren’t taking this sitting down. Across the country we are marching; we are meeting and registering new voters. We know that when we make our voices heard and leverage the power of the people, politicians stand up for ALL in our communities, including immigrants.


The time is now.


We must join together from all walks of life to fight for our collective future. Our families and loved ones, the people whose lives are still in limbo, and those who struggle to make ends meet – they’re depending on us to #UniteTheVote! Register today, and show up at the polls on November 6, 2018. This is what democracy looks like!


Voting Rights & Resources:

Colorado voters registered at their current addres will receive a ballot by mail beginning October 16. 


Verify or update your registration at:


Eligible voters can register through Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th.

To receive a ballot by mail, register by October 30th. 

If you register after October 30th, you must submit a ballot at a Voter Center.

Mail-in ballots must be submitted to a Vote Center by 7pm on Election Day, and in person voters must be in line before 7pm on Election Day.


Find a Voter Center: Visit, or call 1-866-8683