SB251 Driver’s Licenses: Frequently Asked Questions

December 19, 2019
  • ICE Resistance

What is SB251?

SB251 is a law passed in 2013 to make Colorado driver’s licenses available to all regardless of their immigration status. Immigrant communities and allies fought for 10 years to make this a reality.

What will my license look like?

An SB251 license has a black mark and the language, “Not valid for federal identification purposes, voting, or public benefit purposes” on the front distinguish it from a Real-ID license.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with the required documents is eligible to acquire a new license. The requirements are different for people with temporary lawful presence and people with no lawful immigration status. To see the list of required documents, click here.

How can I use my license?

You can use your SB-251 license to drive and to identify yourself to police officers. As of October 2020, you will not be able to use your SB-252 license to board an airplane. It does not make you eligible for any public benefits that you were not eligible for before getting a driver’s license, and does not authorize you to work or give you the right to vote.

I renewed online and I haven’t received my driver license/instruction permit/ID yet.

  • Keep in mind that it will take some time for the driver license technician to verify the documents you have submitted.
  • You may check the status of your renewal at
  • If it has been more than 30 days since you renewed and this link does not say that your license was returned to a driver license office, please call 303-205-2335 to make an appointment to visit a driver license office and obtain a free duplicate. You will be required to renew again if it has been more than 60 days since your renewal and you have not received your card/it has not been returned to a driver license office. If you choose not to renew online, an appointment is required.

My driver license/instruction permit/ID has been lost or stolen. Can I get a replacement online?

You may apply for a renewal online to replace your lost or stolen card. You will be charged the standard renewal fee.

I don’t want to renew online. Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Individuals applying for the first time or renewing in an office are required to make an appointment. Appointments can be made at or by calling 303-205-2335. Renewal appointments at the Aurora Driver License Office are available by phone only.

If I have a Social Security number instead of an ITIN, do I need a different type of appointment?

No. You may use the same CO-RCSA SB251 appointment type. You may only obtain a driver license/instruction permit/ID using a Social Security number after January 1, 2019.

What documents can I use to show proof of my Social Security number?

  • Acceptable documents to provide proof of Social Security number are:
    1. Social Security Account number card (not laminated)
    2. W-2 form (not accepted electronically)
    3. SSA-1099 form
    4. Non-SSA-1099 form
    5. Pay stub with the applicant’s name and SSN on it
    6. Documents used as proof of Social Security number must be provided in hardcopy, not electronically.

Which offices offer SB13-251 services?

  • To see the full list of offices providing SB251 licenses, click here.

How much does a driver license/instruction permit/ID cost if I am not able to demonstrate lawful presence in the United States? This cost is the same for initial issuance and renewal.

  1. Driver license – $33
  2. Instruction permit – $21
  3. Identification card – $13

What do I do if I have several traffic tickets and haven’t been able to pay them off?

Please take care of them before applying for an SB-251 license. Talk to an attorney if you have any concerns. If you are Mexican, contact the Mexican Consulate for assistance on clearing your traffic tickets.


Please visit the Colorado DMV webpage for more information.


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