Immigrant Rights Activists Drop Banners Throughout the State Calling for Immigration Reform

April 8, 2021
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Denver, CO – On April 9, immigration activists throughout the state of Colorado will engage in a collective action to demand a legislative solution creating a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants. They will drop pro-immigration-justice banners in public places across the state, to demand the administration and Congress deliver on their promises and provide the 11 million a roadmap to citizenship, freedom from deportation, and covid relief for all.


This event will be in coordination with Fair Iimmigration Reform Movement’s (FIRM) Relay Across America, a nationwide “relay” of actions crossing the country over the next four weeks. As the relay’s Torch of Freedom passes to our state, Coloradans will join with other states in a collective voice to demand citizenship for all of our undocumented neighbors.


The immigrant rights movement in Colorado and beyond has spent decades fighting for permanent protections and citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in our country. Immigrants have helped build our communities and have followed the American tradition of making a new life of opportunity for themselves and their children. Yet they have also been forced to live in limbo, unable to become full citizens in the country they call home, even while five million undocumented essential workers continue to risk their lives to keep our country afloat.

Now, with newly introduced immigration bills such as the US Citizenship Act, the Citizenship for Essential Workers Act, and the Dream and Promise Act on the table, it is more urgent than ever for our elected officials to finally grant justice to millions of immigrant families across the country.


Who: Indivisible Boulder County, CIRC, and other immigrant rights activists throughout Colorado


What: Statewide banner drops demanding citizenship for all and justice for immigrants


When: April 9, 8:00am in Grand Junction, 4:30pm in Longmont, and throughout the day in other areas


Where: 435 Rood Ave in Grand Junction; 2525 W Alameda Ave, Denver; I-25 overpass near Highland Drive, Longmont; and other locations in Denver and Southern Colorado


Why: Demand the administration and Congress deliver on promises made and provide the 11 million a roadmap to citizenship and bold COVID-19 recovery.