ICE Activity Confirmed: 5 ICE vehicles and possibly 2 people detained by ICE near West 76th and Pecos Blvd, in Denver.

July 15, 2019
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For Immediate release
Monday, July 15 2019
Contact: Cristian Solano-Córdova –

Statement from the Colorado Rapid Response Network (CoRRN) after we confirmed five ICE vehicles and possibly two people detained by ICE near West 76th and Pecos Blvd, in Denver.

(July 15th, 2019 – Denver, Colorado)  – The Colorado Rapid Response Network has confirmed 5 ICE vehicles and multiple ICE agents present at a location near West 76th Avenue and Pecos Blvd. Possibly two people or more were detained in Denver today. 

One witness saw ICE vehicles stop and surround a vehicle with theirs, trapping it in the parking lot. At least 5 ICE vehicles were present at the scene at approximately 3:30pm. The incident was reported to the Rapid Response line at 4:05pm and our confirmers arrived at 4:22pm. Another witness saw ICE agents walking down the stairs of the apartment building without anyone detained. That witness caught a glimpse of two people sitting inside the back of one of the SUVs but were unable to identify if they were people detained or ICE agents in plain clothes. The agents wore black vests with ICE on the back and drove black, heavily tinted SUVs.

While our volunteers were able to confirm all of the above, we were unable to identify any people possibly detained, if these people have any children or family who need our assistance and referral to legal council. If you have any information about these families or any people detained, please call the Colorado Rapid Response Hotline at 1(844) 864-8341. We remind the public that we urge you to not post on social media unless an ICE operation is confirmed for both not causing a panic and for ensuring the privacy, dignity, and identity of those affected.

To prepare your family in case of an ICE operation, it is crucial for people to have a family preparedness plan, know their rights, and contact the rapid response network of suspected ICE activity.

ICE has said they will target people from the family docket, ie asylum seeking families, who did not attend a hearing and so have in absentia deportation orders, as well as guardians of unaccompanied minors who are over 16. However, ICE will also be seeking collateral arrests, picking up anyone at or near an address or location where they believe someone on the list to be. 

Public education of CoRRN’s “Know Your Rights” program can prevent ICE from violating basic human rights, whether in your car, at home or at the workplace. Simple things such as not opening the door without a valid warrant signed by a judge, can stop ICE from detaining targets and other community members. 

Having a family preparedness plan for immigrant community ensures that each family knows who to call and what to do in the event of an ICE raid or detainment. Having a lawyer and CoRRN’s hotline number (1-844-864-8341) saved is an important part of any family plan. CoRRN has resources for immigrant families to create a preparedness packet to start this process. 

Call your attorney or the Rapid Response Network immediately to assess your options if your family was in proceedings together and missed a court date for any reason. Call the Rapid Response Network immediately if there is ICE activity so legal observers and confirmers can respond on site quickly. Calling the hotline is better than posting on social media because it prevents undue heightened alarm or confusion. The hotline is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to respond. The number is 1-844-864-8341.