Humans of CIRC: Jess Rosero

August 14, 2019
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What is your favorite memory of CIRC?

A favorite memory at CIRC is the recent Cory Gardner meet and greet. Just being part of that, and seeing us being able to hold him accountable for not taking action on the Dream & Promise Act, was like, “Oh my gosh, this is victory.”

It felt like a movie. They sent me to scope out the hospital for the meet and greet first, and then I went up and got a recording of people coming up to Senator Gardner, my coworker Paola going up and saying, “I’m DACA, this affects me.” It was just, words can’t describe it. Seeing that victory, seeing us being able to hold Sen. Gardner accountable, that was so powerful.

When did you first become involved with immigrant rights?

I first became politically involved in Arizona; they were petitioning for clean energy, so I got involved with that, because I’m really into clean energy and the environment, sustainability stuff.

Our people were expendable, pretty much it was a revolving door of people. But I really loved the cause, so I stayed.

Then I applied for the position at CIRC, and here, people care about people, and you’re not as expendable. You’re treated with respect and equality. I figured it’d be a temporary thing, but six months later I’m still here; I’d like to just continue growing with the organization at this point. I’m not going anywhere.

— Jess Rosero, Federal Campaign Organizer at CIRC, about the Cory Gardner Meet and Greet. See video footage on our picture profile!

This post is part of our Staff Spotlight series, highlighting some of the amazing people on the CIRC team!