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Humans of CIRC: Chau Phan

August 12, 2019
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“If I had to put it in one word, I’d say immigrant rights means family. My family, other families, and family as a whole in terms of the coalition and as a nation.

I was always an immigrant, but I wouldn’t say I got involved until the 2016 election when I canvassed for CIRC for Virginia’s Law…when Trump finally got into office, with my mother being a Legal Permanent Resident, that part of my identity just kind of clicked for me, like, this is something personal. Canvassing was amazing in the sense that I got to meet a lot of the neighbors I don’t talk to. I’ve lived in different parts of Aurora where it’s predominantly people of color, but I’m very sheltered in the places I go to, so being able to step out and see the faces that said, “Yes, I do support them,” you know, people so willing to sign on and pretty much saying that we deserve the right to be here and everything was really powerful empowering.

Then I got hired this February 1st, which was amazing because the second day I jumped right in with the Citizenship mega workshop, which is probably the best way to start off this job. It was just so hectic and so wild, but to be on the ground doing the work with impacted communities and people in general was so rewarding, I knew right away that this is exactly what I want to do long term.” — Chau Phan

Volunteer for our upcoming citizenship workshop August 31! Training provided

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