CIRC 2019 Annual Report

September 17, 2020
What's New at CIRC
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Dear friends and allies of CIRC, At the end of2019, we entered a time of transition from which we are now emerging. We hired an Interim Executive Director, Lisa Duran. One of CIRC’s co-founders, she came to us with decades of experience in organizing, doing policy work, and building coalitions. She has been working to strengthen CIRC and to re-affirm our commitment to building power at the grassroots through the integration of our work and especially of the civic engagement work done by CIRC Action Fund with the policy change and organizing work done by CIRC. Despite the challenges of weathering a transition and the unexpected crisis of the pandemic with all of its attendant struggle, CIRC board and staff never missed a beat, moving our work online to virtual organizing and policy work immediately. Their effort to ensure that we continue to center the experiences of individuals and families who are directly impacted by the current anti-immigrant policies and sentiment has been heroic. You’ll be hearing more from us in the future us as we continue to move our agenda for change. Thank you for your persistence and commitment to the work of CIRC during this challenging time. We look forward to new growth and new impact around the state from a strengthened organization that can make change that is rooted in our communities, that welcomes immigrants and their families, and that are places where everyone can thrive.

In solidarity,

Jossy Martinez
Board Chair

Lisa Duran
Interim Executive Director

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