Rep. Mike Coffman Co-Sponsors Bill That Would Cut Legal Immigration By 43%

March 15, 2018

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) has co-sponsored Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s H.R. 4760, the SAF Act. Their co-sponsorships bring the total number of bill sponsors to 97.

The SAF Act would demand that Dreamers trade our families for a temporary fix for a fraction of Dreamers. Coffman wants to exchange a temporary fix for SOME Dreamers in exchange for:

  1. increased enforcement measures
  2. crack down on immigrant protection policies
  3. rolling back family reunification policies
  4. cutting diversity visas
  5. criminalizing our community & family members




Rep. Coffman sits atop a district that is home to almost 20% Latinos as well as 15 % refugee & community members born abroad.

Among these families are certainly folks who are living with mixed status family members, have entered the country themselves on family and diversity visas. CD6 is also home to many Asian and African immigrant families who will be stripped of their right to reunite their families if this bill were to pass.

Our community is watching Congressman Coffman flip flop time and time again to play politics, softly advocating for relief for Dreamers by sponsoring the DREAM ACT and then turning around and sponsoring the SAF Act seeks to give in to the Trump agenda of  unleashing cruel and unnecessary enforcement along our border and the interior of our country.

As a resident of CD6 I am appalled at the lack of moral compass and even more so at the lack of reflection on the community Congressman Coffman serves.

CD6 is one of the most diverse communities in our state with certainly many mixed status families who need relief for DACA AND relief for their families.

Please take a moment to email, tweet,  and call Congressman Coffman’s CO and DC offie and let him know that you oppose HR 4760 by continuing on this form.

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