Immigration Reform

CIRC calls on the U.S. Congress and the Trump Administration to pass immigration reform that contains the following components:

Members of CIRC delegation march in Washington D.C. to advocate for humane federal reform! 


Provide a Path to Permanent Resident Status and Citizenship for All Members of Our Communities. 

Opportunities must be provided for those within the United States without proper documents to earn legal status and access a pathway to citizenship.  Hard working immigrants that demonstrate good moral character should not be delayed in becoming a vibrant part of our communities through legalized status.  An inclusive earned legalization program, with a clear plan for implementation, should be available to all undocumented immigrants currently in the United States.

Reunite Families and Reduce Immigration Backlogs.

Currently families are separated by visa waiting periods and processing delays that can last decades.  Comprehensive immigration reform must strengthen the family preference system, by increasing the number of visas available to new immigrants.  In addition, new policy must not criminalize future flows of immigration and bars to re-entry must be eliminated. No one who is eligible for an immigrant visa should be punished by being separated from their family for many years.  Reform must ensure family unity by rescinding deportation orders of individuals whose immediate family qualifies for earned legalization. Additionally, to protect family unity new policy must provide legal status to the parents of US citizen children.

Create a Worker Program that Protects the Rights and Dignity of Workers. 

Every person has a right to productive work without fear of exploitation or deportation. Any worker visa program must include provisions for full labor rights including: fair and livable wages, the right to organize and join unions, the right to change employers, and a path to permanent residence and citizenship.  A regulated worker visa process must meet clearly defined labor market needs, and must not resemble current or historic temporary worker programsThe new system must create a legal and safe alternative for migrants and facilitate and enforce equal rights for all workers.  Any type of worker program must be strictly monitored by federal, state and local entities to ensure that labor protections are rigorously enforced.   It is also important to advance the solidarity of all workers, especially low wage workers. Any worker – immigrant or native born – vulnerable to exploitation threatens the standing of all workers.

Ensure that All Law Enforcement Entities Respect Human Rights and Civil Liberties.

Fair enforcement practices are critical to rebuilding trust among immigrant communities and protecting the security of all.  U.S. enforcement resources should be focused on apprehending human traffickers and smugglers. Additionally, reform must include a border strategy that emphasizes training, accountability and competency that rejects militarizing the borders with Mexico and Canada.  In all cases, immigration reform must respect clear boundaries between federal immigration enforcement, local law enforcement and the enforcement of labor laws.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Provide Clear Steps to Integrating Immigrants into All Facets of Community Life.

Our immigration policies should provide immigrants with opportunities to learn English, regularize their status, lead prosperous lives, engage in cultural expression, and receive equitable access to needed services and higher education.  Support for immigrants must also include adequate resources to provide for decent, safe and affordable housing to help meet the critical housing needs. 

Restore Fundamental Civil Rights.

Over the past decade, immigrants have been subject to selective and discriminatory laws and policies that erode fundamental civil liberties.  These laws and policies, including detention for months without charges, secret hearings, and ethnic profiling must be immediately rejected. Comprehensive immigration reform must place an emphasis on the restoration of due process for all immigrants.  

Protect the Rights of Refugees and Asylees.   

Special protections and considerations should be afforded to refugees and asylum seekers.  At a minimum, migrants have a right to claim refugee status without incarceration and to have their claims fully considered by a competent authority.

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The Dream and Promise Act was introduced in March of 2019. The bill would protect Dreamers, TPS, and DED recipients from deportation and would provide them a pathway to citizenship. In June of 2019, the House of Representatives passed the Dream and Promise Act. For more information and updates click here.


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