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“I DRIVE COLORADO” is a coalition of pro-immigrant organizations helped pass the Eligibility Colorado Road And Community Safety Act of 2018. It followed the Colorado Road and Community Safety Act, SB-251, to increase access to driver’s licenses in Colorado. The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act, SB-251, provided drivers licenses to all Colorado residents, regardless of immigration status. In August of 2014, five Department of Motor Vehicle offices implemented the program, each offering 31 appointments per day. The SB-251 program has provided documents to nearly 45,000 Coloradans, however, there are major inefficiencies resulting from the initial legislation. In 2019, the coalition of pro-immigrant organizations seeks to increase access to rural Coloradans. AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL LEADERS ARE CALLING FOR SAFER ROADS
  • Across the agricultural sector, farmers and producers have seen the economic benefits of SB-251 licences. In fact, the Colorado Dairy Farmers supported 2018’s HB-1206, recognizing the benefits for its rural workforce. Rural health advocates have also noted the importance of increasing transportation access in some of the most isolated areas of the state. The Tri-County Health Network in southwest Colorado endorsed the legislation, arguing that transportation barriers are one the greatest challenges facing rural health care consumers.
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Since 2016, the I Drive Colorado campaign worked on several bills to fix the defunded SB-251 program: SB18-108 PASSED SB18-108allows a person to present a social security number as an alternative to a taxpayer identification card. The bill allows the license or identification card to be reissued or renewed in accordance with the process used for other licenses and identification cards. A person whose license is lost or stolen may obtain a replacement without renewing the license. $108,992 is appropriated to the department of revenue from the licensing services cash fund to implement the bill. HB-1335 PASSED: HB-1335 sponsored by Rep. Pabon PASSED in 2016 and it changed the law to make it a deceptive trade practice to sell public appointments and services (aka SB-251 appointments) that are available to the community for free. It will also make the selling of public goods and services a class one misdemeanor. This bill aims at tackling the sale of SB-251 appointments on the black market and has the ultimate goal of stopping this practice to free up SB-251 appointments for people trying to apply through the system established by the DMV. HB-1415–PASSED HB-1415 sponsored by Rep. Pabon passed this year and it changed the law so that all Sb-251 applicants that fail their driving test can go to a 3rd party private testing center and return to any SB-251 DMV office within 60 days to get their license without having to schedule a new appointment. This will free up more appointments for all SB-251 applicants