Humans of CIRC: Stephanie Tanny

August 16, 2019

“I’d say I’ve always been pretty involved with my community and so I don’t think necessarily my relationship with my community has changed. I would say now that it’s my full time job, it’s just kind of amplified.

I wanted to get really involved and CIRC was an organization I saw  really doing lots of things around immigration, so I got involved. I went to their assembly and I realized that to really get involved in CIRC, is to have an organization join it, so I basically created my own organization.”

What is one of your favorite things about CIRC?

“What I love about doing this work is the connections I’ve made with people. Seeing new folks entering the movement as we become more inclusive, and at the same time, knowing there are so many people who are already in it and not going anywhere. Sometimes the emotional toll can be pretty hard, so balancing the needs of the organization and taking care of yourself and the people you really care about is so important, so you can all be here in the long run.” 

 — Stephanie Tanny, Development Director at CIRC