Humans of CIRC: Caitlin Trent

August 9, 2019

“Two weeks after I started were the DACA walkouts that CIRC and Vic helped organize in 2017, and it was so cool seeing on the headlines, Trump trying to revoke DACA and then being a part of an organization that was leading this massive walkout. It was a tangible reaction to something in the news. Being part of something bigger, you’re not just seeing the headlines and being upset about it, but like, thousands of people are walking out into a space to protest. And that same day Cory Gardner said that he supported the DREAM Act. That was when I was like, “Oh, this is a cool place. I’m in the right place.” 

I’m a lot of the behind the scenes things versus at the forefront, and that’s something I try to do intentionally as a white woman. Dealing with logistics, anything from payroll to event organizing to volunteer communications, I feel like I’m the mechanics of how to get a lot of these things moving. And because of the nature of operations, I get to touch all pieces of the work.” – Caitlin Trent, Operations Coordinator

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