Help first-time immigrant voters make it to the polls!

October 4, 2018

“More than anything I just want to be counted…to have my voice heard and to cast my vote.” 

Tena’s words came over 35 years after she first immigrated to America from Chihuahua, Mexico. On an arduous pathway to citizenship, over 20 years had passed since she last took–and failed–a citizenship test.

But when Tena attended one of CIRC’s citizenship workshops in December 2017, her journey took a drastic turn.

Equipped with CIRC’s training materials and flashcards, Tena studied sample test questions one-by-one in preparation for naturalization. When the test results finally came back, she was elated and proud: a perfect score!

Just weeks after her naturalization ceremony in early September 2018, Tena and her family walked into CIRC’s office to make her dream become reality: “How do we register to vote?”

Thousands of voices just like Tena’s are waiting to be heard across our state, and with your support, we can empower more immigrants to cast their vote this November.

Won’t you give today and help us bring more immigrants like Tena to the polls?

Let’s join together, and unite the vote. This is what democracy looks like!