Become our next Executive Director!

March 5, 2020
TitleExecutive Director, CIRC and CIRC Action Fund
LocationDenver, Colorado
Reports toBoard of Directors
Salary & BenefitsFull-time, salaried position with a starting salary of $72,000-$80,000 + full medical
benefits and a generous PTO policy.
TravelUp to 20% travel within Colorado with occasional out-of-state travel
Posting/Close DateOpen until filled
Anticipated start dateNo later than August 1, 2020

About CIRC

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) is a statewide membership-based coalition of immigrant, labor, interfaith, youth and ally organizations founded in 2002 to build a unified statewide voice to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Colorado and the United States. CIRC is a 501(c)(3) organization and achieves its mission through non-partisan civic engagement, public education and advocacy to win fair, humane and workable public policies. CIRC Action Fund (CIRC AF) is our related 501(c)(4) entity whose mission is to engage immigrant rights voters so we can strengthen democracy, achieve dignity and justice for immigrants and refugees in Colorado through advocacy and civic participation. Learn more about CIRC at: Learn more about CIRC AF at

During this time of pandemic and anti-immigrant sentiment and policies, CIRC is continuing to build leadership and power for change while we care for each other. Our work is even more important than ever as we continue to lift up the leadership of immigrant communities in Colorado. We are searching for a new ED, a process that started before the pandemic, and that has been shaped by it. Our organizational unity is strong, we are financially sound, and board and staff are working together as never before to find the new, dynamic leader who can lead in community and the halls of power. Join us!

Job Description

The executive director will lead CIRC toward achieving its goals and setting itself up for success in fulfilling the organizational mission and vision for the long-term. The ED will lead CIRC AF in implementing civic engagement campaigns and advocacy designed to secure policies and candidates that strengthen democracy and improve life for immigrants and refugees in Colorado. The executive director will manage senior staff, oversee budget and financial management, ensure compliance with all regulations, fundraising and development, and lead CIRC’s coalition-building, collaborations and partnerships while serving as the public face for the organization. Working in partnership with both the C3 and C4 boards of directors, the executive director will ensure CIRC sets and carries out strategic priorities and direction, and proactively monitors planning for long-term risks and opportunities.

Specific Role and Responsibilities.  Please note: The following applies to both CIRC and CIRC AF.

Strategy and Direction

  • Ensures that CIRC carries out effective strategic planning and coordination as defined by CIRC bylaws and/or organizational culture/norms (assembly, regional meetings, staff retreats, board retreats, statewide convenings, etc.).
  • Sets CIRC up for success by developing 6- to 12-month strategic priorities and goals that reflect the interests and votes of the coalition membership (campaign/issue priorities), and/or the interests and votes of staff and Board (internal organizational development and culture).
  • Manages and supports the senior staff in developing MOCHAs and SMART goals for CIRC priorities and plans to achieve the priorities in alignment with the MOCHA delegation and decision-making structure (i.e. membership/campaign committees, board committees, etc.).
  • Helps ensure CIRC is monitoring and, where necessary, proactively plans for long-term opportunities and risks beyond the 6- to 12-month strategic framework.

Board of Directors

  • Ensures effective, representative and engaged boards of directors.
  • Supports the board presidents and the executive committee in facilitating successful board meetings. Serves as the staff liaison to select board committees.
  • Supports the board presidents in delivering on board development goals and outcomes and in managing board committees.
  • Manages the operations manager in maintaining communication and information flows.

Staff Leadership and Management

  • Ensures that each senior staff member has clear role expectations and goals and supports senior staff in ensuring all coordinators and organizers have clear role expectations.
  • Holds regular check-in meetings with senior staff to get aligned on priorities, provide feedback, debrief on past work, and strategize around any number of issues.
  • Ensures that each senior staff member has the support and capacity to manage the staff they are responsible for supervising.
  • Ensures successful all-staff meetings/retreats and senior staff meetings.
  • Builds a strong team through hiring, developing, evaluating and retaining top people.

Budget and Financial Management

  • Owns the successful development and approval of the annual budget by the board of directors, with consultation and help from the development and finance team, senior team, and board finance and audit committee.
  • Ensures that priority plans in strategic framework are aligned with budget and financial management.
  • Manages and supports the operations manager, bookkeeper and board treasurer in owning the successful delivery of monthly financial reports to the board of directors, prepares for audit, and develops 12-24 month financial planning projections for budget development and maintenance.
  • Reviews financial reports each month and makes any necessary revisions to the operating budget.
  • Manages the field director and the operations manager to ensure that CIRC and CIRC AF comply with all IRS regulations regarding electoral and advocacy work.

Fundraising and Development

  • Manages and supports the development director in developing and implementing fundraising plans (foundation, grassroots, dues, fee for service, and all fundraising).
  • Supports the strengthening and cultivation of relationships with foundation contacts.
  • Supports the development and implementation of small and major donor campaigns, with focus on major donors.

Coalition, Collaborations and Partnerships

  • Cultivates and maintains relationships with CIRC’s members and partners and/or delegates relationship building to appropriate staff and board.
  • Ensures CIRC’s participation in other collaborations and partnerships necessary to achieve strategic priorities.

Public Face and External Development

  • Represents CIRC as public spokesperson at events and with media and/ordelegates and appoints other board, staff and member spokespersons pursuant to the CIRC by-laws.
  • Cultivates and maintains relationships with external allies, elected officials and other stakeholders to broaden CIRC’s base of support and reach.

Skill & Qualification Requirements:

The right candidate will be thoroughly committed to CIRC’s mission.

Concrete and demonstrable experience should include:

  • Minimum 5 years in a nonprofit executive leadership role managing teams and working closely with boards of directors
  • Experience with organizing and/or political nonprofit work; understanding of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations and their role in supporting the work of each
  • Experience and/or knowledge of coalitions and/or membership organizations and deep understanding of how to build and maintain trust of the base
  • Understanding of and authentic interest in being guided by grassroots leadership and member organizations
  • Knowledge of and relationships within local and state immigrant rights movement with a strong commitment to social justice and social change
  • Background in fundraising including donor development and foundation/grant funding
  • Bilingual: proficiency in Spanish and/or other languages of Colorado’s diverse immigrant and refugee communities strongly preferred
  • Ability to analyze context and lead organizational strategy and development, with focus on mid- to longer-term to ensure proactive planning
  • Ability to manage and support the various moving components of coalition, staff, program areas and campaigns
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to deliver effective coordination/relations with members, staff and external stakeholders
  • Effective in delegating responsibility and ownership of projects and program areas to other team members and providing ongoing management and support

Equal Employment Opportunity

CIRC follows an equal opportunity employment policy and employs personnel without regard to race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or any other factor that is not related to the position.  Candidates of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

To Apply for this Position

Application packages are being received by interSector Partners, L3C. To access the application and instructions to apply, please visit: