Congress Has Taken Dreamers Hostage – Be Part of the Hostage-Saving Operation!

March 5, 2018


Congress has taken Dreamers hostage!

Congress has failed Dreamers. Again.

If Congress won’t vote for the American Dream, we need to give them enough votes as ransom to secure our Dreamers’ futures.

We need you to be a Dream Voter this November and for as long as it takes to secure the future of 17,000+ Coloradan Dreamers and 800,000k Dreamers nationwide. No Dreamer would dare give up their families in exchange for our futures. 


You can be part of the hostage-saving operation this November.


You can make sure your community is registered to vote this November. Sign up for our voter registration trainings to begin working in your community to make sure the American Dream Becomes a reality.


Become a Dream Defender!


Register below for our Dream Defender Voter Registration program to start your own voter registration campaign, you voter registration machine you. Together, we can build the power necessary to secure the safety of Dreamers.

Become a Dream Defender!