Colorado Dreamers Call on Congress to Pass a Dream Act NOW!

November 9, 2017

Washington DC – November 9th marks over two months since DACA was rescinded, and one year since Trump was elected to office. Hundreds of Dream Defenders: Immigrant youth, allies, business leaders, and people of faith are descending on the Capitol to demonstrate against Trump’s attacks on immigrants and to demand a clean Dream Act. The time to act is now, and November 9th will be the day we can push Congress to pass the DREAM Act by December.

DREAM Act index

  • There are 800,000 DACA recipients in the US
  • 1.9 million people in the US would be eligible
  • 76 percent of Americans want “Dreamers” to remain either as citizens or permanent legal residents, including two-thirds of self-identified Trump voters.
  • The Center for American Progress estimated that the U.S. would lose about $460 billion in GDP over the next 10 years without DACA.
  • 200,000 US-born children risk losing their parents to deportation

The Colorado DREAMer delegation is in Washington DC for the November 9th Mass action at the Capitol

sample email

Subject line: Today, they will hear you


Dear (first name/friend),

It’s been months since Trump announced his decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) without a plan to help the immigrant youth whose lives have been changed by it. He’s left over 800,000 young people at risk of deportation — and Congress has done nothing.

Today, we want every member of the House to hear that their inaction is unacceptable. We’re teaming up with national and grassroots groups across the country to flood congressional phone lines with people demanding a real solution for DACA recipients. Let’s keep their phones ringing all day long!

Will you call your representative at 888-778-6856 and tell them to pass a DREAM Act that allows young immigrants to stay in the country without fear, and doesn’t add any money to Trump’s enforcement measures?

Calling is easy, and it only takes two minutes — but we need LOTS and LOTS of calls to make a big impact on our members of Congress.

Together, we’ll keep pushing for the DREAM Act we need, and we won’t stop until young immigrants can live without fear of deportation.


Thank you for making a call today!


sample facebook posts


  1. We have one month to pass a #DREAMAct, or else 800,000 young Americans will face deportation. Join us on November 9th to be a Dream Defender, as we take action at the Capitol, in schools and workplaces across the country to fight back against Trump’s attacks on immigrants. We’ll demand a #DREAMActNow–one that does not add a single dollar to Trump’s immigration enforcement measures. Call your representative at 888-778-6856!
  2. We believe families should stay together. We cannot be a country that holds 800,000 #DACAmented youth hostage to the demands of the white supremacist faction of the Republican Party.  An ugly, divisive and pointless wall, along with draconian and unnecessary enforcement measures, should not be the price of America standing for its values. Do not force these young Americans to support legislation that has them choosing citizenship at the cost of their parents’ deportation. We will not bow down to Trump’s deportation machinery. Tell your representative to pass the #DREAMActNow: call now! 888-778-6856


  1. Tenemos un mes para aprobar el #DREAMAct. Si no, 800,000 jóvenes americanos estarán en riesgo de deportación. Únete a nosotros el 9 de noviembre y sé un Defensor de Sueños. Vamos a tomar acción en el Capitolio, en las escuelas y en lugares de trabajo para ponerle un paro a los ataques de Trump contra los inmigrantes. Nosotros demandamos el #DREAMAct ahora que no agregue ni un solo dólar a la maquinaria de deportación de Trump. ¡Llama a tu representante! 888-778-6856
  2. Nosotros creemos que las familias deberían permanecer juntas. No podemos ser un país que mantiene 800,000 jóvenes #DACAmentados como rehenes de las demandas de los supremacistas blancos. El muro fronterizo, divisivo y sin sentido no debería ser el precio de nuestros valores. No es justo que estos jóvenes americanos tengan que escoger entre la ciudadanía y la deportación de sus padres. No podemos rendirnos ante la maquinaria de deportación de Trump. ¡Dígale a su representante que apruebe el #DREAMAct ahora! 888-778-6856


sample tweets


  • On November 9th, I am walking out for [my future, my sibling, my parents, my friend] and to demand a Dream Act by December.
  • Tell congress to pass a #DREAMActNow. 76 percent of Americans–even 66 percent of Trump voters–agree.
  • Deporting a million young people is not a partisan issue. It’s a question of morality. #DREAMActNow
  • Latin@s and millennials – two of the largest growing populations of voters – will vote out politicians who don’t stand with DACAmented youth.
  • We must not compromise our dreams, DACAmented youth won’t throw their parents under the bus. We need a #DREAMActNow
  • The white supremacist faction of the Republican Party is holding us hostage. Tell congress: pass a #DREAMActNow
  • Congress must pass a #DREAMActNow that will allow young Americans to live the lives they have built in this country.
  • Do not force these young Americans to choose between citizenship and deportation of their parents.


  • ¡Dile al congreso que apruebe el #DREAMAct ahora! 76% de americanos, incluyendo a 66% de los que votaron por Trump, están de acuerdo.
  • Deportar a un millón de jóvenes no es un asunto político. Es un asunto moral. #DREAMActNow.
  • Latin@s y millennials–bloques de votantes creciendo–van a sacar políticos que no defienden jóvenes DACAmentados.
  • No debemos hacer concesiones con nuestros sueños. Jóvenes DACAmentados no olvidaran sus padres. Necesitamos un #DREAMAct ahora
  • La facción más racista del partido republicano nos está tomando como rehenes. Congreso: apruebe un #DREAMAct ahora
  • No obligues a estos jóvenes a escoger entre la ciudadanía y la deportación de sus padres.
  • El congreso debe aprobar el #DREAMAct que permitirá a jóvenes inmigrantes vivir las vidas que han construido.