American DREAM: Call, Email, Tweet your Legislator

February 14, 2018

Advocate for the American DREAM! 

Join us in reaching Sen. Bennet, Sen. Gardner, Rep. Tipton, and Rep. Coffman to urge them to pass a #CleanDreamAct that protects #Dreamers without holding them hostage for draconian anti-immigrant measures.

There are 17,300 Dreamers in Colorado. Protect us.

A recent CU Boulder poll found:
– close to 3/4ths of Coloradans support or strongly support creating a way for Dreamers to earn citizenship.
– less than 1/3 of conservatives oppose Dreamers
– 52% of conservatives supporting or strongly supporting a way for Dreamers to earn citizenship.
Another poll recently found:
majority of Americans do not support a border wall with Mexico

Do you support a wasteful and ineffective wall, a give-away to construction companies?
Do you support wasting $25 billion we could invest in our veterans’ healthcare instead?

Dreamers can’t vote, but you can!

Make your voice heard!