Data Privacy Campaign

All Colorado residents deserve data privacy

The Campaign for Data Privacy for All is working to ensure all Colorado departments have strong data privacy protections to ensure that all Colorado residents’ personal information is safe.  It is past time for Colorado to protect its residents—particularly those who trust Colorado government agencies with their personal information.

Why fight for Data Privacy?

Deportation practices in the U.S. have been transformed by big data and surveillance. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) increasingly relies on big data and technology to conduct raids and deportations. As states, cities, and technology companies collect more and more data about all of us, DHS has been finding ways to access and stockpile our personal data and acquire new technologies to locate individuals and carry out its arrests and deportations. Data from state motor vehicle license and registration departments (DMVs) is one of the main sources of information that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) uses for conducting immigration enforcement.

In an ideal world, the federal government would place regulations on how private and public entities across the nation are allowed to collect, store, and share data. However, the current reality is that personal data is being collected by local and state agencies as well as private companies, and federal agencies are gaining access to the data through formal and informal channels. Therefore, state governments have a vital role to play in stepping in to ensure that data is not collected unless necessary, not stored for longer than it needs to be, and not shared with any agency without a court warrant. This requires the Colorado legislature to step up to protect its residents.

In Colorado we look to state and local political stakeholders to protect our communities, and we ask the Colorado legislature to take the steps to protect the data privacy of ALL Colorado residents. 

Colorado Background

State government agencies possess vast quantities of personal data on their residents. Inconsistent practices across Colorado state agencies have led to breaches in data privacy for Colorado residents. When this sensitive information is mishandled or shared, the consequences for residents’ personal privacy and freedom can be dire—from domestic violence survivors, health providers to civil rights activists. We need permanent policy solutions to ensure that state agencies are mandated to protect our personal information.

During the pandemic that has disproportionately impacted communities of color and immigrant communities, Coloradans have been afraid of seeking services that protect the health and safety of all residents, due in part to concerns about data privacy. This includes parents seeking health care for their U.S. citizen children, and individuals of all statuses who seek a driver’s license. Taking basic steps to strengthen privacy protections in Colorado State agencies will help ensure that everyone can get the services they need (and for which they are eligible), and that drivers can be trained, licensed, and insured.

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition and I Drive Coalition thank Governor Polis for signing Executive Guidance (read in English here, read in Spanish here) to state agencies on Data Privacy. This was an important first step to establish consistency within state agencies and quarterly reporting practices. We now need to strengthen those protections and make them permanent through legislation.

National Resources

National Immigration Law Center: How ICE and DMVs Share Information

Just Futures Report: State Driver’s License Databases: Breaking Down Data Sharing and Recommendations for Data Privacy

Mijente: No Tech for ICE Campaign 

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Join the fight against Palantir!

On August 20th Palantir officially moved its headquarters to Denver. Join Coloradans as we refuse to partner with Palantir!

The company Palantir is ICE’s technology backbone, providing the digital infrastructure to surveil, detain and deport immigrants. Palantir’s tools have been used to conduct mass workplace raids, including the biggest raid in US history in which 680 people were detained in Mississippi