Mission & History

The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) is a statewide, membership-based coalition of immigrant, faith, labor, youth, community, business and ally organizations founded in 2002 to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees by making Colorado a more welcoming, immigrant-friendly state. CIRC achieves this mission through non-partisan civic engagement, public education, and advocating for workable, fair and humane immigration policies.

CIRC’s Vision

CIRC believes in the inherent dignity and human rights of every person, regardless of immigration status. CIRC envisions a society in which all people are treated with dignity and respect and have equal access to fair and just work, housing, health care, and education and the opportunity to live united with family members.

CIRC’s Goals

  • Advocate for the rights of all immigrants and refugees and their families.
  • Empower the immigrant community by supporting the formation of grassroots organizations.
  • Promote leadership development within all immigrant communities.
  • Increase public awareness about the social/economic contributions of immigrants.
  • Educate the general community on the issues and realities of immigration.
  • Strengthen collaboration among the diverse immigrant organizations and with groups that are discriminated against and marginalized in the broader community.
  • Expand collaboration and coordination among immigrant organizations and allies.


CIRC membership is open to organizations. Organizations eligible to apply for membership are defined as a group or entity that is accountable to a membership of more than two people or a Board of Directors or a governing body.


Individuals not affiliated with a member or eligible organization are invited and encouraged to participate in CIRC through:
  • Signing up for CIRC E-Alerts and Communications and participating in CIRC campaigns
  • Joining an existing CIRC member organization in your local community or region.
  • Creating a new group/organization that could become a member of CIRC.
  • Serving as an intern or volunteer with CIRC or a CIRC member organization.