Veny Noya – Northern CO DREAMers United Leader Needs our Help!

January 6, 2018

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A friend to many and a leader at the Northern Colorado Dreamers United (NCDU), Veny Noya needs our community’s help!


Veny Noya is a 25 year old DACA-mented American living in Longmont, CO.  He was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect caused by the incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord. Unable to find the proper care for his condition in Vera Cruz, Mexico, Veny at age 11 migrated with his family to the United States. Today, Veny is 25 years old and continues his battle with his condition.  Despite the circumstances surrounding Veny’s life, which stretch beyond his physical challenges and include being undocumented, facing the possibility of being separated from his family on a daily basis, and not having access to proper medical care, he has never given up hope and has never lost his willingness to fight.  Veny is someone who understands that the struggle of immigrants is one faced by many and because of this he has unselfishly devoted his time and efforts toward working to fix our broken immigration system.

In 2009 Veny got involved with the immigrant rights movement through a student youth group known as Northern Colorado Dreamers United (N.C.D.U.) and through this group he has made valuable contributions toward the movement helping to pass Colorado’s ASSET Bill, which grants undocumented students the right to pay in state tuition for higher education, rescinding Colorado’s show me your papers law, and advocating for Dreamers everywhere. Veny’s activism throughout the last 8yrs has allowed him to develop as a leader, which has carried over into his personal and professional life. Thanks to President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Veny now enjoys working at the YMCA of Longmont in the child care and fitness programs. Unfortunately, after DACA was rescinded by the current administration Veny, and many others like him, face the same circumstances they faced before.  For Veny, this includes another major setback associated with his Spina Bifida.

Today, he needs life saving surgery as infection has spread to his bones and could result in the amputation of one of his legs. Without medicare or the ability to obtain medical insurance, Veny and his family face the daunting financial burden of funding his surgery themselves.  At an estimated price of roughly $100,000 dollars this necessary emergency surgery seems almost impossible.  However Veny continues to move forward with his life with optimism and strength most can only imagine. Despite his individual needs, Veny continues to fight to pass a clean DREAM ACT in hopes of being able to continue his commitment to his community, his friends, and of course his family.  Venanicio “Veny” Noya, has committed his life to helping those in need, today he is the one with a need and today we make it our commitment to help him.


It is our turn to fight for our friend and immigrant justice leader!

All proceeds collected will go directly to Veni’s medical and personal expenses.  Even in these moments Veni has never asked for help but has always asked how can I help.  So please help us, please help Veni.  He needs his community now to continue to fight.

Please donate anything you can to Veni’s GoFundMe page:


¡Un amigo para muchos y un líder Veni Noya en Northern Colorado Dreamers United (NCDU) necesita la ayuda de nuestra comunidad!

Veni nació con Spina Bifida y ha luchado constantemente con las condiciones que rodean su salud, mientras que también lucha por el bienestar de los demás a través de su trabajo y participación comunitaria.

El año pasado, Veni fue hospitalizado debido a una infección potencialmente mortal que se extendió por la parte inferior de su cuerpo. Como resultado de la infección, Veni tuvo que someterse a una cirugía muy grave que le salvó la vida, pero desafortunadamente ha llevado a circunstancias que lo afectarán a él y a su salud de manera significativa.

Además de sus complicaciones de salud, Veni también tiene que lidiar con ser indocumentado, lo que hace que el pago de sus facturas médicas sea extremadamente difícil para él y su familia.

Como amigos, familiares y miembros de la comunidad que han sido impactados positivamente por el compromiso de Veni de ayudar a otros, estamos buscando ayuda de la comunidad para ayudar a Veni en su momento de necesidad.

¡Es nuestro turno de luchar por nuestro amigo y líder de la justicia inmigrante!

Todos los ingresos recaudados se destinarán directamente a los gastos médicos y personales de Veni. Incluso en estos momentos, Veni nunca ha pedido ayuda, pero siempre me ha preguntado cómo puedo ayudar. Así que por favor ayúdenos, por favor ayuden a Veni. Él necesita a su comunidad ahora para seguir luchando.

Por favor, done cualquier cosa que pueda a la página GoFundMe de Veni: